Monday, February 9, 2009

Robberies in Nuvem

Robberies in Nuvem

Of late, there is a rise in thefts and robberies in Nuvem village and the Nuvem Civic and Consumer Forum is concerned and condemns the same. We urge the law enforcement agencies to kindly take note and come forth with measures like night patrolling, verifying details of tenants residing in the villages as in-migration is very much on the rise.

Recently there was a robbery at Murda Grande wherein the thieves decamped with valuables to the tune Rs l.76 lakh. Also, in the bank in the vicinity of the Panchayat premises, a senior citizen was cheated/robbed of his cash. Such incidents are rising day by day and the villagers are becoming very apprehensive of their security.

Olencio Fernandes, Nuvem

Letter to the Editor in Herald / 8-2-2009

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