Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nuvem villagers smack of conspiracy in proposed bypass

A delegation of villagers of Nuvem and its surrounding areas on Thursday called on the PWD Minister, Mr Churchill Alemao to apprise him of the problems that the people are likely to face due to the proposed western bypass. The delegation led by Mr Sanjive Raiturkar, included around 200 people who are likely to get affected by the bypass.
The delegation pointed out that while the eastern bypass is already existing and could serve the purpose, the new western bypass will create a lot of hardship to the people as hundreds of houses are going to get affected. They also pointed out that as a result of the new western bypass, several low-lying areas in Mungul will also get submerged due to the land filling and added that the existing problem of flooding will only deteriorate.
They also suggested that a few stretches of the eastern bypass needs to be worked on and suggested that a new bridge could by constructed near Mandopa where a few houses are getting affected. They also alleged that the western bypass is being build to satisfy some builders. After a patient listening, Mr Alemao assured them of looking into the matter.

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