Monday, June 28, 2010

Celebrating A Victor and A Popular Personality WILFRED DE SA

Celebrating A Victor and A Popular Personality
Wilfred D'Sa – Nuvem Constituency –

Reviews of the Event
Nuvem Kuwait Parishioners
By:Conceicao Teotonio Gomes

Kuwait: Apropos! there was news filtering among Nuvem Kuwait Parishioners that a very well known personality will be visiting Kuwait from our Nuvem village in Goa, India and in no time everybody found out Wilfred D'Sa (alias Babashan). Hurriedly, plans were laid out by Nuvem Kuwait Parishioners (NKP) members communicating amongst themselves and decided to facilitate “Babushan” to show their gratitude and affection. Firstly for his general development work he has carried out at Nuvem Village Panchayat level for several years and secondly for the love and spirit of friend he has had helped in achiving in his village. Contrary to the sportive spirit and the mood was defusing when Germany victory crushed England to its 4-1 defeat at World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Coming to the get-together to honour the Zilla Parishad member, and to acknowledge some of the able achievements under Babushan’s leadership, as follows:
• Undertaking tremendous work and development as Panch Member to his Ward and also supported surrounding wards with skilful planning over a period of almost a decade and half.
• Collaborating and supporting with schemes which laid down and gave resolving understanding to affect the voters of each and every ward for the better development of all.
• Motivating and resolving all laid down procedures to take shape and solving the problematic solution under as Deputy Sarpanch, at the time of ruling Panchayat body.

This is where he stands as of today and which helped him to win the support to be elected to the Zilla Parishad seat with great ease. In our humble endeavour, this motivated NPK and gave them tremendous joy and pride to facilitate him in their own special way.

The celebratory event commenced with Isequel Gomes welcoming the guest of honor Wilfred D'Sa and presenting a bouquet of flowers by Ms. Milita Fernandes (daughter of our Treasurer Augusto Fernandes).

There was yet another personality amidst from our village and he was the ‘ONE-MAN-BAND’ Norman Cardozo - a hay-hot wire musical wizard, guitarist, drummer, and specialist in Musical ORGAN who can kill the mesmerizing keys to any dancing tunes with great ease. Norman was welcomed with a short introduction and a bouquet of flowers presented by Master Malcolm Gomes (son of Isequel Gomes).

The NKP-President Conceicao Teotonio Gomes called on the NPK members to salute the dignitaries with a standing honour and congratulated Wilfred De Sa. On behalf of NPK, he presented Babushan a “Memento of Appreciation” for his proud achievements and resounding election victory. Wilfred D'Sa, in his few words, was very articulate and prompt to touch the hearts graciously with his acknowledgement of appreciation for all the support Nuvem villagers and specially that of the Murda Grande voters.

In the ensuing proceedings, Wilfred De Sa was quick to get acquainted with his old comrades and schoolmates, as well, at the venue, reviving old memories and nostalgic happenings. He thanked everyone and conveyed his good feelings to others NKP members who could not attend this get-together. He appreciated NKP for organizing this day with prompt decision and while accepting the Memento.

Lino Gabriel Fernandes – NKP General Secretary gave vote of thanks and expressed his gratitude to all present. He also thanked Augusto Fernandes for his generous contributing of his colorful photographs. With lots of joy and tranquility of love blooming, this event concluded with happiness and a smile shining on the faces of the visiting dignitary and his well-wishers. A sumptuous dinner at the Muhal Mahal Restaurant awaited all and with a small prayer and God’s blessings, everyone entertained themselves amidst their young and dynamic leader, Babushan.

[Presented by: Lino Gabriel Fernandes
NKP-General Secretary]

(As forwarded to by NKP on 28/06/2010)
Photos by: Augusto Fernandes