Sunday, January 18, 2009

India’s first green vacation homes at Nuvem

BCIL is proud to offer India’s first green vacation homes at Nuvem, Goa
30 minute drive from Daborlim airport, 4km short of Margoa.
There are 25 dip pools (and one common pool); some of them could be your very own.
Every option comes with BCIL's unique energy-efficient air-conditioning that offers you fresh air, no stale cold air of the normal AC. It rejuvenates your spirit and soul.
There are six types of homes: Triass Sky, Triass Earth Cambria Sky, Cambria Earth, Devon and One's Own. Each of them offers interesting spaces and sizes.
What can we say about these exclusives? They redefine the way you know a home

Gaia is a leisure enclave in Goa, but with a green heart. This is a cluster of 52 well-crafted design options that celebrate the spirit of the earth, Gaia.

Far from the madding crowd of the beaches and yet a quarter hour’s drive away from Majorda and Betal Betim Beach. This is an ideal retreat that offers you a quiet time with your family and a conversation with yourself.

There are 10 opulently furnished homes with two bedrooms, kitchenette and a private relaxation pool all your own. There are other duplex and single bedder options. The duplex comes with a private dip pool while the others come with a cluster private pool. All homes are fully furnished and ready to move in BCIL is demonstrating successfully a further advancement on the unique state-of-the-art air-conditioning among many clean technologies.

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