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Dedication of Our Love to Mae Dos Pobres - A very happy feast to you all

Conceicao Teotonio Gomes
Nuvem Kuwait Parishioners

President Desk:

Memorandum of Understanding:

“Let us not reacts who we are…nor try to demonstrate our power….neither profess our beneficial achievements on the tower…..But honestly let us seek re-solutions and commitments to the benefits in the process of our selfless affiliations towards our sacrificial and needful hours to others”.

Dear Fellow Brothers & Sisters

As resolved by the Committee and Members of Nuvem Kuwait Parishioners, I would like to inform you all our brethren that the offering of our Traditional i.e. 30th Annual Thanksgiving High Mass in honor of our Mae Dos Pobres Feast is being celebrated on 8th November, 2009 at the Holy Family Cathedral, Kuwait at 4.30 p.m. All the members and our esteemed friends are hereby cordially invited to share a moment of adoration and peace on this great occasional day of our feast.

While commemorating this great feast day, I take this opportunity on behalf of Nuvem Kuwait Parishioners in the capacity of its President ship would like to convey our Best Wishes to all saying Boas Fiestas to all our members in Kuwait and our brethren in Goa - at Nuvem Parish Church residents too. Let us share a moment of prayers for our betterment of the Village in general and beseech to seek our Mothers support to help at this hour and guide us at our work place and keep us safe and happy under her spiritual guidance all the times.

Apropos ! to remind you all, once again that some of us may not aware of the facts that we (NKP) has confirmed ourselves as an Individual entity though our mindset were in hundred folds, and that is to say that we have enrolled in Black & White in the books of our Nuvem Parochial enshrined Ledgers by concelebrating the Feast of our Mae Dos Pobres - NKP-Presidentship in the year 2001, duly approved and affiliated by the Confraria & Committee Members of Igreja de Jesus Maria e Jose i.e. Holy Family Church, Nuvem. Moreover, I along with some of our committee members vividly remember the generous acclamation and reverence of this order of spiritual activity we have received from every corner of our Village was in fact unforgettable and to be called as a Milestone due to the fact the schedule and the organization of the events of the days were in very true image of the spirit of ***selfless love. The zeal and affectional moment was truly then, when every Former President of this traditional feast was being honored on each day of the Salve for the respective nine days of the Novenas and then being the oldest President alive and to be lucky to have this honor is Mr. Casmiro Gomes – from Murda Grande has been given to hand the baton image i.e. Sceptre (Vaar) of Lady Mae Dos Pobres on the feast day on 04-11-2001. (*** This is in line and in Obligation commitment we obeyed of the Clause in the Books of the Confraria that No simple normal Confraria member can hold/handle honor of the Vaar – unless he being crowned as the President of the Feast/or unless celebrated as an President).

It has been my privilege to serve and nurture the NKP President ship chair and herewith gives me a great pleasure to note at this time of writing, because since long then for the last 3 Decades i.e. 30 serene years we the Nuvem Kuwait Parishioners got together with meager members of 10-20 to form this profound unity of love and tranquility amidst ourselves to retracts our favors and console our hearts by way of some offerings and started with a simple solemn mass towards Mother of Poor. And eventually this has had happened every year on the 1st Sunday of the month of November, which had grown over 100 of our hearts in abundantly with solace and sincere co-operation with thoughtful contributions from every members of NKP unity. And the result of this retrospective consolation and understandings we have reached to the level of celebrating our SILVER JUBILEE in the year 2004.
Keeping this event of silver linings in our warm hearts we had a very generous GET-TOGETHER warm up Party to keep every member in touch in our future endeavor and the response was a huge in Holiday Inn Restaurant and with pompous success. (Reflect on some of the photos on the day of the event - courtesy of our NKP member, Professional Photographer Augusto Fernandes).

Concluding with few words of my listings above and am being the founder co-coordinator of this Unity, I want to salute all the members of the NKP for being co-operative all the times for any given opportunity to serve us and especially at the time of the 2001-Feast Project which will be really imbibe and incur our hearts all the times. Though it is the same heart that cries and laugh with joys let us keep faith in our Mother of Poor all the times for our safety with her blessing too.
To be reconciled once again with a heavy heart that when we were terribly horrified at the time of invasion of Kuwait, we prayed to our Mother of Poor to come our rescue and almost lost all our hopes were we all stayed together in links of traveling strategy and with gladness and with the help of our Mother of Poor we all were safe and happy to be back home sweet home and see our loves ones with tearful but loving hearts embraced. So much so we gained and we bear many pains too and now as we are here let us dedicate this 30th Year of this Annual Feast day especially to the days of our living in terrible pains and sheer agony of the horrible invasion of Kuwait.

Herewith I want to repeat the same Appeal we bestowed and asked in honor of our Mother in the year 2001 at the time of our celebration of the feast let us link our hearts once again and dedicate our prayers as we pray:
“ ….Eh Bhov Dullobhi & mogal Maie, hem omor Porbhechem bholidhan aiz 08-11-2009 amim ekvothan tuka khalteponim bhettoithanv, toroi astanam amim tuje laguim anik ek pautti bhavarthan magthanv sodhanch amchea vhaurant ani ghorzank tossench bolaiquent tum amchea adharak pav…ghe. Durbholleanchi Saibhinim Maie ami rautat tujea visvasant……Amen.”

To conclude I once again thanks for all your support very generously and wish you every member and our kind well wishers and all the family of our members here in Kuwait and else were at home in Goa A VERY HAPPY FEAST TO YOU ALL – 2009.

With Warm regards and dedication of our love to Mae Dos Pobres all the time.

Sincerely Yours
Conceicao Teootonio Gomes.
(President NKP)


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