Friday, September 26, 2008

IN RESPONSE TO: Kuwait's Solidarity with persecuted Christians.

IN RESPONSE TO: Kuwait's Solidarity with persecuted Christians.

To: A. Veronica Fernandes

Dear Veronica, ...

Mojea Navan Ektaim Zaleanv.... Doggam-Thegam Zannam Modem ...Khorench Sangtam thuim Aunv Assam"..... hoch zaun assa pormol Devacho zo eka mekak tuvem ullo marun dusreache dukhant vantho gevun toch MOG amim Devak dinvasllo, hea barabor tuka moji kherit vhodd sebaskhi.

Your generous and sympathetic call to have a Solidarity Meeting towards the sheer atrocities against our fellow Christian brethren in Orissa for killing the innocent people, priests, nuns and outrageously burning of churches is totally insane. Your profound contribution for healing the cause in togetherness by praying for God in humanity is very much appreciated at this hour.

I the undersigned along with our likeminded members amidst our Nuvem Kuwait Parishioners salute your commendable spiritual values for the organized prayers at VillaGE Inn where all have given their precious time for the love of GOD and where all the attendees silently prayed for the departed souls to let them have the eternal peace in the kingdom of heaven - Amen.

Though Seeing is said believing - But still those who dont see and still believe in the name of god will find the eternal blessing from heaven. Further more, I too wish you an extra good health to carry on the cross of spiritual salvation to formulate the mankind values and human kindness contribution, speciallay to those who have been deprived of their real humanity at work and other values. This you have very much articulately shown when there was a great injustice meted towards some nationalities at this place. Keeping your utmost desire in mind, let us once again pray for the departed souls AND pray to god to grant them eternal rest in peace for ever and ever in the kingdom of heaven - Amen.

May the hearts which are hidden in darkness to utter the distress call may shine upon with your kind of workmanship and contribution. God bless you and all those who took part for the Solidary Meet on 13th instant on your well organized contribution. All the best and may there be peace always in our community level too.

With best regards,

Conceicao Teotonio Gomes.
(Originally posted on Kranti blog)

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