Saturday, August 2, 2008

Villagers demand scrapping of housing projects in Nuvem

Villagers demand scrapping of housing projects in Nuvem
Serve 8 days deadline to panchayat

MARGAO, MAY 22 – Nuvem villagers have served a virtual deadline to the Panchayat members to either scrap all commercial housing projects within eight days time or resign and dissolve the Panchayat body.
This decision was taken at a meeting of the villagers held after last Sunday’s gram sabha meeting, which had vociferously demanded scrapping of mega housing projects.
“The village panchayat, Nuvem must realise that with the coming up of such projects, we will not only loose our identity and become aliens in our own home land, but it will become a great security risk with migrants roaming the streets, especially after 8 pm”, the villagers said.
“In North Goa, people are crying that their girls cannot walk on the road alone, even for tuitions”, a villager said and asked whether Nuvem wish to have the same situation in the village.
He pointed out that the roads are littered with garbage bags, while the rivers are pollution with waste. “Mosquitoes causing malaria, dengue and chikungunya and any other new sicknesses have arisen”, he added.
Pointing to the inadequate infrastructure, roads, water and power, to meet the current needs, the villagers maintained that the ancestors have preserved Nuvem for the people and it’s the responsibility of the present generation to protect the beautiful village for posterity.
Incidentally, Nuvem have been witnessing vehicle thefts and other burglaries in recent times, with the Men-in-uniform unable to achieve any breakthrough.
In fact, the people have been complaining of migrants stalking the streets at night, with the police night patrolling proving ineffective to reign in on the thieves and burglars.

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