Wednesday, January 30, 2008



This year one of the village based Goan organizations in Kuwait “Nuvem
Kuwait Parishioners” is celebrating its Silver Jubilee. Twenty Five Years
back it was formed in Kuwait by a few of the enthusiastic Nuvemkars.
Originally when it was formed it was named as “Nuvem Villagers in Kuwait”
and under this name it functioned for 6 years and thereafter it was changed
to the present name “Nuvem Kuwait Parishioners”. Though initially it was
started with handful of villagers but currently it boasts of having over 100
members who are all involved in the promotion of this organization.

The motto of this association is to bring every member of Nuvem closer to one
another for the benefit of every member and also for the benefit of their
village Nuvem in Goa. No doubt this organization feels to do lot of
activities yet little funds they have at their disposal is not sufficient
enough to move at a faster and greater pace. Yet within its capacity it
lends financial assistance to any of its needy members or for any needy
cause back home in Goa.

For example, back home, NKP have donated Benches for the Holy Family Church (Kuwait City)in 1986, financial assistance to organize Inter Village Volleyball Tournament at Church Ground in Nuvem in 1988, Mutual Financial support Rs. 50,000/- towards an Operation Request for Sickness Appeal, organized for Nuvemkars an Emergency travel Schedule to travel in Unity at the time of Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, financial assistance for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul to help them to help the needy, donation of a Computer for the Parochial House of Nuvem Church Administration.
Besides, NKP has done lot of good deeds which they will continue doing of
course with the help of each and every member of Nuvem Village in Kuwait.

To mark the Silver Jubilee, offering of Thanksgiving Holy Mass will be held
at the Holy Family Cathedral in Kuwait City on 07.04 at 4.30 p.m. and
thereafter a get to gather will be held at the popular Village In Restaurant
7.00 p.m.

The committee consists of the following members:
1. ConceicaoTeotonio Gomes - President
2. Roque Fernandes - V. President
3. Lino Gabriel Fernandes - Gen. Secretary
4. Santano Fernandes - Dy. Gen. Secretary
5. Agusto C. Fernandes - Treasurer

The following are Active Members:
Ivan Gomes
Roque De Costa
Agnelo Borges
Frank Vaz
Alvaro Dias
Raphael Gomes

On behalf of myself and all the all wishers of Nuvemkars I wish Nuvem Kuwait
Parishioners all the best on their Silver Jubilee Celebration and hope they
will complete many more years not only to serve Nuvemkars but also to serve
all the Goyenkars who are doing good work for the cause of Goa. It is very
nice to see them together united for the last 25 years.

A. Veronica Fernandes,


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